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Coming Spring 2020


is an opportunity for individuals to be engaged residents
and take an active role in our community.

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Who we are

Baltimore is known across the US for a few signature events like Artscape and Light City. This year, we’re ready to add Hack Baltimore to that list! Our city is home to a wide variety of hackathons every year, each designed to solve an individual and localized need. But what if we could collaborate to address greater, overarching needs?

What if we could bring together Baltimore’s extensive and talented community and harness our resources to hack the city’s biggest problems? Hack Baltimore will be a large-scale, city-wide event that taps into Charm City’s flourishing diversity and creativity to solve our toughest problems.


What we do

We know that we can’t pull this off without the support of these communities, so we’re committed to getting every civic-focused non-profit, company, community association, makerspace, and government agency in Baltimore on board with this event. We will accomplish this by asking organizations to:

  • Pitch a problem that they face
  • Be part of a team or coach a team that’s trying to solve that problem
  • Provide a space for the hackathon
  • Help fund prizes and cover operations costs

Every hackathon is built around a simple, core idea: using technology to solve real-world problems. The challenge we face with such a large-scale hackathon is: how do we plan to collect and vet the problems that Baltimore hackers will try to solve?

We think our team and our city are up to the task! After all, you have to dream big to make a big difference.

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  • Date

    Spring 2020
  • Prize pool

    Lots of Awards
    and Prizes
  • participants

    Participants from
    all sectors of the city
  • Ideas

    Ideas from the
    6 focus areas
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Implementation plan

Hack Baltimore

Hack Baltimore will be powered by a central platform where every civic-focused organization can submit a problem. Each problem will be vetted by teams of user researchers and subject matter experts to ensure the problem is refined, solvable and accessible before being shared with the community.

Those that are approved will be posted publicly within the platform and after approval the submitter will have the opportunity to post additional information, videos, and other artifacts to spark interest in solving their specific problem.

Anyone who submits a problem must have a vested interest in seeing the project through to completion, so all submitters will be required to champion their project and actually use the solution that gets built.

Our mission is to build sustainable solutions that have a lasting impact beyond the few days of the hackathon.


Join the Hack Baltimore today!

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