Civic Hackers Unite!

People with titles don’t solve problems, clever people with common sense do. Civic Hackers Unite!

There is no going back to the way things used to be. And, speaking honestly, why the hell would we want that?! It took decades to create the painful knots that bind us. Now is our chance to free ourselves from old thinking and reimagine the Baltimore that we ALL want…and deserve.

We believe that every challenge we face can be solved, and that we are the people who can solve them. 

Gone are the days of “Business as Usual”. Civic hackers use their imagination to create change and redefine what’s possible! You are the people on the ground who have been fighting tirelessly to hold your communities together with limited resources or support.

We believe that having all of the voices at the table will create better solutions.  

<HB> is a convener for Baltimore’s makers, creators and innovators. It’s time for a new way of thinking that pushes back on old assumptions, challenges bias and creates empathy to design solutions that work!

We believe that everyone is a civic hacker who can use their talents to build solutions for the community they represent.

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    Baltimore is a unique and vibrant city, and though there are many reasons why we’re called “Charm City”, we tend to make the news for our flaws rather than our strengths. And hackathons are a great way to engage the broader community to explore technology as a way to help solve them.

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    Event postponement

    In light of public health recommendations related to COVID-19, we have postponed the HACK Baltimore Showcase currently scheduled for May 8-10. HACK Baltimore is a movement, not a one-time event, so please visit our web site and social media channels for information about ways you can get involved remotely for now.



    Thank you for your tax deductible donation.



    4.- During the HACK BALTIMORE techfest teams will be *grouped into categories based on their key focus area. Those groups will then showcase their solutions throughout the weekend event.

      1. Solutions will be judged based on the team’s ability to create a minimum viable product (MVP) and provide a plan for growth and sustainment of the project following the hackathon weekend.


    3.- The challenges are highlighted on the HACK BALTIMORE City Backlog where they will be shared for a city-wide *TEAM SELECTION.

      1. A group of community members with different sets of skills who meet consistently to build or help build digital tools for the public good.
      1. How do you form a HACK BALTIMORE *Team?
        1. Form a team of 5 to 10 civic hackers from within your company or from across Baltimore’s tech community.
        2. Identify the civic challenge your team will solve from the vetted challenges on 
        3. Create a Cool Team Name
        4. Teams will begin working immediately to create a sustainable technology solution to address the challenge selected.


    1.- HACK BALTIMORE, in collaboration with Baltimore community leaders and city agencies, will identify challenges impacting Baltimore by using our *HB City Backlog

    • a.- The *Hack Baltimore City Backlog is a portal created by HB to capture concerns and increase transparency of the ideas being worked on in Baltimore.


    • HACK BALTIMORE will host *Design Jams throughout the city. This is where Baltimore civic techs, industry thought-leaders, community advocates and engaged citizens discuss and vet the *HB challenges submitted. 
    • *What Is a Design Jam?
    1. HACK BALTIMORE is hosting the “next-level” in brainstorming sessions for “doers” like you. 
      1. Baltimore design-thinking and tech professionals, civic leaders, community advocates and engaged Baltimore residents are invited to collaborate and discuss sustainable technology solutions for the challenges impacting Baltimore. 
      2. HB DESIGN JAM sessions are FREE to participate w/ registration.
      3. If you are interested in hosting and/or facilitating a HB DESIGN JAM session in your space or location please request our HACK BALTIMORE sponsorship package
    • *What are HB challenges?
      1. HB challenges are issues submitted to City Backlog that are categorized based on six key focus areas, housing, transportation, public safety, health & wellness, workforce development, and education. 
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