You don’t need a title to solve a problem, you just need to be clever and have a passion for change!

There is no going back to the way things used to be. And, speaking honestly, why the hell would we want that?! It took decades to create the painful knots that bind us. Now is our chance to free ourselves from old thinking and reimagine the Baltimore that we ALL want…and deserve.

We believe that every challenge we face can be solved, and that we are the people who can solve them. 

Gone are the days of “Business as Usual”. Civic hackers use their imagination to create change and redefine what’s possible! You are the people on the ground who have been fighting tirelessly to hold your communities together with limited resources or support.

We believe that having all of the voices at the table will create better solutions.  

<HB> is a convener for Baltimore’s makers, creators and innovators. It’s time for a new way of thinking that pushes back on old assumptions, challenges bias and creates empathy to design solutions that work!

We believe that everyone is a civic hacker who can use their talents to build solutions for the community they represent.

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